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About Us

We do awesome things

We are an enterprise dedicated to professional commercial and advertising materials. We focus on preparing photographic portfolios enabling you to present your facility on website, in catalogs, brochures and other media. We conduct our sessions with or without the participation of qualifield, high class models, depending on your wishes.

We work on high-end professional photographic equipment, making picture with exceptional purity and depth of color, perfect focus and brightness. Our team has extensive experience in preparing advertising materials, making photo reports of various events, as well as commercial photo shoots.

In addition we offer the production of a promotional film during the photo shoot at your facility – our video artists have experience in working on full-lenght, high-profile film productions and in creation of numerous advertising films shown on television, music videos and commercials used by businesses.


The philosophy of Level 80/20

- 80/20 = Disproportionate Efficiency

It is a globally accepted mantra that 20% of key actions deliver 80% of critical results. Commonly referred to as the ‘Pareto Principle’, it confirms that some activities are much more effective than others. The relevant question is always: ‘which are the effective 20% of your activities’? It is therefore important to know what actions and activities to focus on.

- One picture paints a Thousand words
- Professional’s vs Amateur’s


Our Works


Our team

Bartlomiej Szulczynski

Bartlomiej is an engineer who made his passion – photography – into his career. Through years of fascination and experimenting with different types of cameras and modes of photography he is now an independent professional with over 22 years of experience and a portfolio of finalized projects for brands such as Volkswagen, Audi, Makro Cash and Carry and many others. For over 20 years Bartłomiej has been head of his own advertising agency, acquiring the necessary skill set to combine artistic excellence with highest business efficiency. His practice centers on photography and graphics, retouching and production of commercial photography mainly in fashion and architecture.

Rafal Pijanski

Rafał is a graduate of the prestigious Film, Television and Theater School in Lódz. Since 1995 he has been professionally creating special effects for feature films and TV commercials. Rafał works as director and cameraman, specializing in post-production and 3D animation.

Marcin Zarebski

Entrepreneur and business advisor. Investor. For over 20 years has been running companies providing professional services for business. His merits include foundation of Institute of Business’ Good Practices. Educated in PR and international marketing. In practice, he consults and trains good companies, so that they could fully take all advantages of of their potential and be able to achieve outstanding results. Martin Zarebski’s knowledge and experience in management have benefited hundreds of people over the years. He manages the development of Level 80/20 with passion and commitment… because „Beauty should be supported as it is created by few, and many are in need.” (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

Michal Derewecki

Michał began his adventure with photography by photographing nature. Photographing landscapes was a good school of the ability to frame and capture fleeting moments, changing light. For several years he has been developing his workshop. He enriched it with reportage, sports and real estate photography. Michał is also a licensed pilot of UAV, thanks to this he has also been involved in aerial photography with the use of a drone for several years.

Our clients

Our Studio


Outdoor photography

Advertising photography is inevitable part of any advert forms. We effectively connect outdoor photography with another forms of advertising.


Level 80/20 produces high quality images for commercial advertising purposes. When it comes to selling product – the right image is the most important.


We know best that architecture is re-invented on the site as an advertising metaphor, where astonishment and fiction surpass reality.


We are a team of the best professional artists: fashion photographer, stylists, designers, makeup artists and image editor. Our agency specializes in wedding fashion.


Whether you need a TV commerical, a branding video for the web or a complete video campaign solution – Level 80/20 specializes in all sorts of video production services.


As a full-service advertising agency, we are equipped to serve our clients in all aspects of​ ​advertising​ ​m​​ateria​ls: ​​graphic design, websites development, printing materials, etc.